Welcome to the New Weekly Skift Podcast!

Over the past three years, Skift has become the most trusted source for travel intelligence in the world. We break major stories, cover the trends and give you analysis around all aspects of marketing, strategy and tech changes happening in the sector.

However, with this podcast we wanted create a space where we could take a step back and have deep and interesting conversations around the inspirational, psychological, anthropological, and design-driven changes happening throughout the global travel industry.

This is a venue where we sit down with creatives, executives and entrepreneurs from across the industry to discuss their insights and perspectives on the how and why of travelers’ habits, industry patterns and the seismic changes happening to each. Our topics will be diverse ranging from the continued appeal of iconic touristy places to food as the big driver of tourism, from offbeat art tours to the death of traditional travel PR.

Each week two guests and two Skift editors will come together to discuss these topics. Each podcast is approximately 30 minutes and can be downloaded via the iTunes or SoundCloud.

The Skift Podcast is underwritten by FutureCities initiative from MasterCard. Find out more at futurecities.skift.com.