The Rise of Lifestyle Hotels And The Culture Driving Them

Lifestyle hotels were once a niche segment of the larger hotel industry, but have since grown to become the most talked about and coveted of hotels. Much of the appeal of these well-designed properties is the expectation of a branded guest experience.

Front line staff become brand ambassadors who are as responsible for assisting guests and perpetuating the lifestyle brand through their words and actions. Staying on brand is an obsession for most companies, but becomes especially difficult when spread across multiple properties and hundreds of employees. What this external success ultimately comes down to is a strong internal culture.

In this week’s podcast, we explore the relationship between company culture and guest experience at lifestyle hotels, as well as the drastic changes and competition facing these brand.

Guests for this episode: Elon Kenchington, the COO of the Gansevoort Hotel Group, and Josh Fluhr, the COO of Morgans Hotel Group.

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