The Changing Trends in Health and Wellness Travel

When many people think health and wellness travel, they think spas, meditation, and yoga, but over the last two decades it has evolved into so much more. Now the field encompasses women-only surf retreats, health-conscious hospitality brands, a new focus on men and families, high-energy escapes, healthy cruising, on-demand massages, amid more — all fueling a multi-billion dollar opportunity.

In this week’s episode of the Skift Podcast, we try to better understand what’s happening across the sector.

Guests for this episodeJason Moskal, VP of lifestyle brands for IHG (in charge of its EVEN hotels) and Susie Ellis, CEO at Global Wellness Institute and President of Spafinder Wellness.



Gone are the days were travelers look at their time-off as a free-for-all, using the age-old “I’m on holiday” excuse as a coat of armor against largely unhealthy and sedentary vacation choices. Four out of five wellness tourists integrate healthful activities and habits into their trips to counteract interrupted routines that affect sleep, diet and exercise. One in five takes trips with the intention of making some form of health and wellness the goal of the trip.

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