Where Family Travel Is Headed In 2016

Family travel is one of the fastest growing segments in tourism, accounting for a third of all leisure trips. And multigenerational travel is one of the buzziest phrases around. How is the travel industry responding to the interest in vacations that include parents, kids and sometimes even grandparents and cousins?

This week’s podcast looks at the family travel segment and what it has become as generations have aged, the economy has changed, and destinations and brands have responded with new products that cater to both.

Joining us for the podcast: Rainer Jenss, president and founder of the Family Travel Association and George Fleck, VP of global brand management for Le Meridien and Westin, both part of Starwood Hotels and Resorts. Both brands recently launched new family programs.

The guests are joined by Skift Podcast host Hannah Sampson, and Skift co-founder Jason Clampet.

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