The Relevance of Travel Media in an Age of Media Abundance

Today, travelers might still turn to a magazine for help planning a trip. But they are also likely to find inspiration in an Instagram post, Facebook feed, or reality TV show.

For travel publications, that means competition is growing and the days when efforts were focused on a monthly issue are long gone.

There are still subscribers and advertising revenues to consider for those who work in print, but also search engine results, mobile-optimized content, video content, branded content, user-generate content, and a whole universe of social media platforms to grasp.

On this episode of the Skift podcast, we’re talking about the changing role of travel media, how publications are adapting to shifting consumer habits, and what that means to the travel industry as a whole.

Our guests this week are Nathan Lump, editor of Travel + Leisure, and Pavia Rosati, founder and CEO of the travel website Fathom. Both of them bring years of experience on both the print and digital side of travel media at multiple brands and startups.

They join Skift podcast host Hannah Sampson and co-founder and head of content Jason Clampet.

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