What Keeps Travel CMOs up at Night

Modern marketing in travel comes with modern difficulties: the rise of social media, new technology, shifting consumer tastes, and uncertainty over what drives the most business.

As part of our CMO interview series, Skift has been talking to chief marketing officers across the travel industry about the challenges they face in their jobs, where they get insights, what helps them make smarter decisions, and what keeps them up at night. On this episode of the Skift podcast, we’re exploring those topics — and hearing firsthand about what works for our guests. Hint: It helps if someone who lives near the city you promote makes a video that goes viral on social media.

With us this week are Rich Fontaine, CMO of small-ship expedition company Lindblad Expeditions, and Noelle LeVeaux, CMO of Visit Dallas. They join Skift podcast host Hannah Sampson and reporter Dan Peltier.

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