Understanding the Needs of Modern Budget Travelers

Online travel agencies make it easy to search by the lowest price. There are targeted websites like cheapair.com, cheapoair.com, insanelycheapflights.com, and eurocheapo.com to navigate. And the sharing economy lets travelers crash on couches, take over apartments, use someone else’s car, or borrow a bike.

On this episode of the Skift podcast, we’re talking cheap travel: Who does it, how travel companies are providing budget-friendlier options, and what travelers might give up to save some bucks.

Joining us in the Skift office are Dan Saltzstein, a travel editor at The New York Times, and Tom Meyers, founder and editor of the booking and advice site EuroCheapo.com.

They join Skift podcast host Hannah Sampson and editor Andrew Sheivachman.

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