How Hostels Are Trying to Move Beyond the Backpacker

Hostels have traditionally been a cheap, barebones option for backpackers and college kids exploring on a tight budget. While they have not always been known for their hipness or creativity, in recent years some companies have pioneered hostels with a focus on design, local flavor, and the kind of social buzz that attracts even non-guests.

On this episode of the Skift podcast, we’re talking about how hostels have evolved, what’s next for the sector and whether they might finally break through in the U.S.

Our guest is Fredrik Korallus, the CEO of Generator Hostels, which describes itself as “Design Led Hostels.” The London-based company has 12 properties around Europe and plans to add its first U.S. site in Miami Beach next year.

He joins Skift podcast host Hannah Sampson and senior editor Greg Oates.

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