The Evolution of Tours and Activities

It’s a good problem to have: You’re going on vacation, but what do you do when you’re there? Travelers are demanding more authentic, immersive experiences — but they also sometimes leave that planning until the last minute. At the Skift Global Forum recently, we heard from CEOs who talked about tours, activities, experiences, and traveler behavior from different viewpoints.

In this episode of the Skift podcast, we’re bringing you two conversations on the subject that we had backstage in the Skift Take Studio.

The first is with Brett Tollman, CEO of The Travel Corporation, which owns hotels, a river cruise line, guided tour operators, and youth travel companies. He spoke to Skift contributing writer Jeremy Kressman.

Our second conversation is with Ruzwana Bashir, co-founder and CEO of the tour booking and technology site Peek.

This is one of several conversations we’re bringing you from backstage at the Skift Global Forum. The Skift Take Studio Series is presented by Mastercard, a payments technology company that is enabling loyalty, security and data solutions for the global travel industry.

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