TripAdvisor CEO on Setting Realistic Expectations

They may not know his name, but millions of travelers are familiar with Stephen Kaufer‘s work. He is the CEO and co-founder of TripAdvisor, which gets 350 million average monthly unique visitors and hosts 385 million reviews.

The site goes beyond just reviews: TripAdvisor fully rolled out instant booking early last year and has been branching out into restaurant reservations, vacation home rentals, and tours and activities with acquisitions over the past couple of years.

Kaufer spoke in September at the Skift Global Forum and joined editor and podcast host Hannah Sampson backstage in the Skift Take Studio to talk about the threat of competition, the new ways consumers are using the site, challenges for instant booking, and what is still left to review.

This mini-episode is one of several conversations we’re bringing you from backstage at the Skift Global Forum. The Skift Take Studio Series is presented by Mastercard, a payments technology company that is enabling loyalty, security and data solutions for the global travel industry.

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