The Airbnb Threat to Hotels and Booking Sites

Airbnb says its goal is to become a “super brand of travel,” and the company that started as a homesharing platform 10 years ago has been taking major steps to make that a reality. In addition to alternative accommodations, dining, and tours and activities, Airbnb is also getting into the actual hotel business.

With a new public push to get boutique hotels and bed and breakfasts to list their rooms on the site, Airbnb is giving online travel agencies like and Expedia a run for their money. And hotels are still trying to figure out how to handle competition from the company.

On this episode of the Skift podcast, we’re talking about the Airbnb threat: What online travel agencies might be in for, the opportunities that exist for the hospitality industry, and what it all means for hotel owners.

Our conversation first took the form of a Skift Call not too long ago.

Skift Hospitality Editor Deanna Ting led the call, and she was joined by Executive Editor Dennis Schaal and Skift Research Senior Analyst Rebecca Stone.

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