How European Tourism Came Back From the Brink

Europe had a gangbusters year for tourism in 2017, with 671 million international arrivals. That was an increase of 8 percent from the year before, and followed several years of much smaller growth.

Parts of the region, of course, have faced significant challenges in recent years that kept visitors away: terror attacks, political instability, financial struggles. But some have also been dealing with the problem of too many tourists, or at least an overwhelming number in one place at the same time. We at Skift call this overtourism, but at least one popular destination isn’t embracing that term.

We tackled these issues with some European tourism leaders at Skift Forum Europe in Berlin recently; this episode of the Skift Podcast features that conversation.

At the event, Europe Editor Patrick Whyte spoke to Jennifer Iduh, head of research and development at the European Travel Commission, and Inga Palsdottir, director of Visit Iceland and Creative Industries at Promote Iceland. They discussed strategies for tourism marketing, the need for destination management, and how the desires of visitors are shifting.

This is one of several podcasts featuring conversations from Skift Forum Europe 2018.

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