Megatrends Defining Travel in 2019

It’s an annual tradition here at Skift: The editorial staff gets together to talk and talk and talk about what we see as the biggest emerging travel industry trends for the coming year.

We call these our Megatrends, because they’re just that big, and this year we have 12 in our annual magazine. We like to introduce them to the world by highlighting a handful of these travel trends in front of a crowd; this year, we’re doing that in 10 cities around the world.

The first took place in mid-January in New York City, and we recorded that event. This episode of the Skift podcast focuses on the Megatrends Defining Travel in 2019. Some of those trends include travel brands giving more control to consumers; the appeal of undertourism; the way lines are being blurred in hospitality; the rise of wellness marketing in travel; and Google’s domination of local discovery.

We had a lineup of Skift all-stars presenting: Travel Tech Editor Sean O’Neill, Research Director Haixia Wang, Senior Editor Andrew Sheivachman, Senior Hospitality Editor Deanna Ting, Executive Editor Dennis Schaal, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Jason Clampet, Founder and CEO Rafat Ali, and Senior Enterprise Editor Hannah Sampson.

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