Why Travel Should Be Optimistic About 2019

The stock market has been on a wild ride; the U.S. government was partially shut down for more than a month; and recession worries are impossible to shake. So 2019 should be a terrible year for the travel industry, right?

Wrong, according to our experts, Skift Senior Research Analysts Rebecca Stone and Seth Borko. In fact, they insist there’s room for optimism in the coming year.

A few reasons why: Consumer confidence is high; U.S. corporations are spending on capital projects; airline earnings have been largely positive; and international markets are growing, albeit at a slower pace.

This episode of the Skift Podcast dives into the economic outlook for travel in 2019: the good signs, the risks, and the reasons you shouldn’t panic.

Our conversation took the form of a Skift Call in mid-January, featuring Stone, Borko, and Skift Executive Editor Dennis Schaal.

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