How Diversity Fuels Creativity

In early November Skift hosted its first Design the Future event, an afternoon of discussions with leaders in the design and creativity space. As part of this, we’re posting extracts of these conversations. In this episode, author, speaker, and journalist Robert Rosenthal speaks with Aaron Walton, CEO of Walton Isaacson about how diversity fuels creativity.

Travel Industry Outlook: Post-U.S. Election and Post-Vaccine

What a difference a few days make for optimism in the beleaguered travel industry. With the clarity on U.S. presidential election results coming this past weekend and the encouraging news on vaccine development and effectiveness from Pfizer, the travel industry is riding high, at least on optimism for rapid recovery starting second half of 2021 and after.

Travel stocks, particularly airlines, are reflecting that larger market optimism for travel. To decipher what this all means for the travel sector and what scenarios could play out in the coming months and in 2021, Skift Editors and Research Analysts met on Friday, November 13 to discuss both short- and long-term recovery prospects.

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Tripadvisor CEO on Selling Just The Right Tours And Activities

In the closing interview for Skift Forum Asia, Tripadvisor CEO Steve Kaufer argued that his company and its Viator brand are in the “pole position” because of the company’s vast content and international reach in tours and activities. Kaufer is interviewed here by Skift Executive Editor Dennis Schaal.

Hotels, Airlines and the Pandemic

Airline Weekly Editor Madhu Unnikrishnan is joined by Skift hospitality reporter Cameron Sperance to discuss the state of leisure and business travel. 

Europe’s Uncertain Recovery

More Europeans may be taking their summer holidays, but it still was a historically bad quarter for the continent’s airlines, especially for those that staked their fortunes on long-haul premium traffic.

Consumer Spending Is Changing Travel Loyalty

At the Travel Loyalty Online Summit on July 16, 2020, Skift Aviation Business Editor Zoomed The Points Guy’s Brian Kelly to talk about how consumer spending during the Covid-19 pandemic and (hopefully) afterwards will change how airlines, other travel brands, and travelers themselves think about loyalty.

Can Technology Make Travel Safer?

This week host Madhu Unnikrishnan is joined by Amy Burr, managing director of JetBlue Ventures, and Nirali Shah, director, Vantage Airport Group.

Pandemic Paxex

What is the passenger experience like during a pandemic? Not good, says Editor Seth Miller. On the one hand, empty aircraft mean more space for passengers, but as airlines grapple with public health precautions, food, beverage and other inflight services are being cut back, and airport concessions are closed. What might come next?

Coronavirus Lessons From Las Vegas Airport

Chris Jones, McCarran International Airport chief marketing officer, discusses the steep drop off in traffic when Las Vegas closed down and how traffic is slowly starting to recover now that many shelter-in-place restrictions are easing. Listen to how McCarran is “betting against the spread” by mandating social distancing, disinfecting public areas, and encouraging mask use