Can Technology Make Travel Safer?

This week host Madhu Unnikrishnan is joined by Amy Burr, managing director of JetBlue Ventures, and Nirali Shah, director, Vantage Airport Group.

Pandemic Paxex

What is the passenger experience like during a pandemic? Not good, says Editor Seth Miller. On the one hand, empty aircraft mean more space for passengers, but as airlines grapple with public health precautions, food, beverage and other inflight services are being cut back, and airport concessions are closed. What might come next?

Coronavirus Lessons From Las Vegas Airport

Chris Jones, McCarran International Airport chief marketing officer, discusses the steep drop off in traffic when Las Vegas closed down and how traffic is slowly starting to recover now that many shelter-in-place restrictions are easing. Listen to how McCarran is “betting against the spread” by mandating social distancing, disinfecting public areas, and encouraging mask use

The Giant Shifts in Aircraft Manufacturing

Bombardier exits the commerical aviation market, and Mitsubishi considers what comes next with the MRJ. Aerospace journalist Jon Ostrower of The Air Current joins host Madhu Unnikrishnan to explain what he calls the rapidly moving tectonic plates in the airframer world.

Oyo and the Future of Hospitality After Coronavirus

Oyo has been in the eye of the storm for the last year, for many reasons Skift has covered over time. But with coronavirus shutting down a big part of its business in India, China, and other countries, the acceleration of its troubles have continued.

Through it the charismatic founder and CEO Ritesh Agarwal has been front and center in making sure the high-profile company survives this, through instituting various cuts and financing moves. The company now says it has enough money for next three to four years and has no plans to exit any of the 80 markets it is in.

In the final episode of the inaugural season of the weekly The Long View livestream, Skift CEO Rafat Ali talks to Agarwal about Oyo’s long-term prospects, how he is thinking of reopening the company, reinvigorating the sales and growth of the company, becoming a long term player in the market now that its honeymoon period in the industry is over, and his views on future of hospitality.

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The Bankruptcy of Latam

Covid-19 claimed its latest airline victim with the bankruptcy of Latam. Just how did one of the largest and most successful airlines in Latin America land in such dire straits? And what does its bankruptcy filing mean for Delta, which has a significant investment in Latam, and for connectivity in South America? Join Skift Airline Weekly’s editors as they hash out what happened and for when they think shorthaul traffic might start to rebound.

Hotels and Coronavirus

In this unprecedented downturn in travel as a result of Covid-19, the crisis is impacting every hotel company, from the top chains to small hotel operators. Major declines in occupancy and room rates are a global problem, which has forced many hotels to furlough employees and others to shutter, or convert to quarantine centers and host healthcare staff working round-the-clock. As this uncertainty continues, especially in Europe and North America, the likelihood of a strong rebound of occupancy within two or three months seems ever more distant.

Listen as Skift editors and research analysts, along with leaders from across the hospitality sector, discuss how hotels might prepare now for the long recovery ahead.

To Mask or Not to Mask?

Brett Snyder, better known as The Cranky Flier, emphatically says passengers need to wear masks or facial coverings onboard aircraft. It’s not a question, Snyder says in this episode of Mondays With Skift Airline Weekly. Airlines dug themselves into a public-relations hole by promising social distancing by blocking middle seats — which doesn’t provide the necessary six-feet of separation and is financially unsustainable. So given that flights will be filling up again, passengers need to wear masks

How Airports Need to Adapt for a Public Health Crisis

Ty Osbaugh, architecture firm Gensler’s aviation lead and principal, joins Skift Airline Weekly Editor Madhu Unnikrishnan for a discussion on how airports need to change to handle a public-health emergency. Everything from check-in to terminal design needs to be rethought to adapt to travel’s new reality.