How Where-to-Go Lists Get Made

You should really think about going to the South Bronx this year. Or Dubrovnik, Croatia. Don’t forget Egypt. And also Canada — all of it.

If those places sound familiar, you were probably reading travel stories in Bloomberg or The New York Times recently. Every year, these and other publications come up with lists of places to visit that get dissected and discussed at length — including at Skift.

On today’s episode of the Skift podcast, we’re talking about a very specific form of travel advice — the where-to-go-in-the-coming-year list — and what goes into making them.

Our guests today are Dan Saltzstein, a travel editor at The New York Times who organized the 52 Places to Go in 2017 project. And we also have Nikki Ekstein, travel editor at Bloomberg Pursuits, who oversaw Bloomberg’s Where to Go in 2017 list.

They joined Skift podcast host and editor Hannah Sampson and editor-in-chief Jason Clampet.

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